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Come let us spa you to health and holistically assist the totality of you. Improving your overall wellness is more than just a decision; it's a lifestyle commitment. Our services provide an opportunity to assist your mind, body, spirit, and emotions with overall wellness



The Holistic consultation targets one approach at a time.  This allows the consultation to stay on topic to assist with overall health and wellness holistically. 



Holistic Approach for Overall Wellness

Stress Management


Blood Type Diet

Weight Management

Meal Planning

Comprehension of Lab Work


Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Herbs/Herbal Medicine

Flower Essence/Tinctures

Essential Oils


All Consultation Service Fees are $85.00.



Our services are not intended to diagnose, treat disease, cure, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations for any health conditions. Clients are always encouraged to consult their healthcare physician regarding any alternatives. 

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the face, ears, hands, and feet.  This is done using the thumb, finger, and hands in a circular motion and pressure technique.

May assist with the following 

blocked toxins        stress        tension        minor aches        discomfort        

promoting healthy organs        improving circulation        immune system        increase energy levels

Service Time & Service Fee

Face:        25 minutes        $35. 00 

Ears:        20 minutes        $25.00

Hands:        30 minutes         $30.00 

Feet:        30 minutes        $40.00        60 minutes        $60.00 

Face, Hands and Feet:        90 minutes         $120.00


Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice claiming to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.  

May assist with the following 

 Relieving pressure behind eardrum        Sinus pressure that may be caused by allergies

Hearing        Earache        Headache        Removing wax        Bacteria        


Service Time & Service Fee 

      25 minutes         $40.00

Ear Candling

Holistically You, collaborates with a laboratory for clients to receive labs/tests.  In addition, appointments and fees vary.  


Here are a few basic tests however, there's more test offered:

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Basic Metabolic Panel

PH Balance         



UTI (male and female)        

What does a wellness test mean?

Wellness testing consists of knowing your levels and your status to assist with overall wellness and overall health.

Wellness Test

The Zyto Balance offers a non-invasive way to "look inside" your body and its general condition. It does this by scanning hundreds of items using biomarkers and digital signatures identifying virtual objects.  With over 40 reports to assist with overall wellness and overall health.


Some of the things analyzed include:

The Nervous System        Meridians        Hormones        Endocrine System        Detoxification System        Immune System, Supplements        Bones        Muscles        Joints        Brain Function        Metals        Nutrition        Chemical products

Stimuli that affect bodily functions, such as pathogens, electromagnetic fields, allergens, lifestyle, metals, and foods are also capable of being evaluated.


Service Fee: $55.00

ZYTO Balance

Body contouring

 These procedures reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body. 

Everyone has a physique waiting to be revealed, and sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to reach their aesthetic goals.  The recommendation for the non-surgical body contouring treatment varies for each person and taking into consideration of BMI under 30, maintaining a healthy diet, steady weight with regular exercise routine after each session ad making sure to wear a form of body girdle for support.  

There are three steps to body contouring treatment

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation uses low-frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, transforming their contents into 

free fatty acids that are naturally disposed of by the lymphatic system. 

  • Radio Frequency Cavitation which is similar to laser lipo in that it takes the fat underneath the epidermis and 

breaks it up so that it can be eliminated naturally by your body.

  • Vacuum Cavitation assists with slimming and reducing stubborn fat and shaping the body. It is safe and 

comfortable during the treatment process.  It can be used for a large treatment area, like the belly, buttock, and thigh. 


Body Contouring Treatment may assist with:

Fine Lines        Wrinkles        Sagging skin        Arms         Stomach        Pouch 

Love Handles        Thighs        Legs        Back        Buttock        Excess weight 


Service Times & Service Fees

15 minutes of Ultrasonic Cavitation         15 minutes of Radio Frequency Cavitation         10 minutes of  Vacuum Cavitation

(3 sessions) 45-minute sessions $350.00        (6 sessions) 45-minute sessions $625.00


*The recommendation to for individuals to come every 48 to 72 hours for sessions and at least 6 to 8 sessions for best results.

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