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Dr. Yulander Taylor

The Naturopathic Doctor  


Yulander Holmes-Taylor is a native Houstonian, married 20 years to Dexter Taylor and have three children and a grandson. She is the founder and owner of Holistically You, LLC, and an active Licensed Ordained Reverend for over 15 years and have earned her doctorate of Natural Health and Medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor. She has encountered situations in her health that has led her into being an advocate of holistic wellness, mentoring and educating others. Yulander developed The Holistic Networking Group which bring likeminded people together with different speakers that facilitate on a wide range of holistic alternatives towards better health and quality of life. Yulander is a former member of The Pastoral Medical Association where she received her Diplomat of Pastoral Science, with over twelve years of experience in holistic wellness services, natural supplements and hand intergraded products.


Yulander has combined her years of holistic experiences and knowledge into a holistic practice, offering classes, mentoring and networking. It is also a privilege for her to teach bible study, and holistic wellness with Lone Star Community College, to The Academy of Lifelong Learning group. Whether you are an individual or a group of that would like to know more about the biblical or holistic approach to overall wellness, or simply interested in making a lifestyle change, allow her to assist. In her field of studies, her mission is to incorporate the holistic entity approach of mind, body, and spirit, to the community, clients, students, and loved ones. As your personal holistic advocate, and naturopathy, Yulander would like to assist you on your holistic wellness journey. She is confident as she works with you in achieving your set goals.


Improving our well-being and bringing relaxation and balance into the totality of our life (mind, body, spirit, and emotions) it is more than just a decision, but it is a lifestyle commitment for self-care which allows us to be more accountable, conscious, confident and independent about developing or enhancing a lifestyle for the better.  Yulander focuses on the totality of life, mind, body, spirit, emotions and social life. It has been said, that if we have imbalances (physical, emotional, and spiritual) in our lives, it can negatively affect our overall health. However, when assessing the totality of the individual, it is imperative that none of these areas are neglected. Whether it is in a private or group setting, once a week, month or a year term, or exploring or enhancing our lifestyle, assessments, and guidelines are in place to determine and assist you with establishing your transformational goals. The holistic wellness approach has a program that offers a combination of services, which may include a selected modality or holistic alternatives, such as herbs or essential oils to assist. As your naturopathy, together we will work on implementing the agreed action plan for a long-term wellness strategy.

Holistic Health & Wellness

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