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 Quantum Magnet Analyzer 

What is Quantum Analyzer machine?

Scan your health in 60 seconds this quantum resonance magnetic body health resonance magnetic body health Analyzer is capable of taking accurate reading of your body at a cellular level in just minute it's a non invasive method that requires no hemanalysis or radiography and its completely painless.

Within a few minutes a comprehensive report is produced by the Quantum Resonance Analyser which highlights any non-standard readings along with recommendations as to how the body can be restored to optimum health.

The systems covered by the report include:

Toxins        Trace Elements        Vitamin        Amino Acids        Heavy Metals        Gastrointestinal Function

Gall Bladder Function        Blood Sugar        Immune System        Allergy        Bone density

Endocrine System        Brain Nerve        Pancreatic       Kidney/Liver/Lung Function

Eye        Skin        Chest

Service Time & Service Fee

30 minutes         $45.00

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