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Holistic Community 

Mentorship - Workshops - Classes - Meetup


Improving our well-being and bringing relaxation and 

balance into the totality of your life (mind, body, spirit, 

and emotions) is more than just a decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment for self-care which allows us to be more accountable, conscious, confident and independent about developing or enhancing a lifestyle for the better.

Holistic Mentoring

Interested, unsure which Holistic Program best fits your needs? Don't worry, you've come to the right place!​ An assessment will be given to determine the program that will best benefit you in achieving your holistic goals.  As a holistic and spiritual life coach and mentor, I focus on the totality of life, mind, body, spirit, emotions and social life. It’s been said that if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health.

When assessing the totality of the individual, it’s imperative that none of these areas are neglected. ​ Whether it’s private or group settings, a month to a year term, or exploring or enhancing a holistic lifestyle, each program has a step by step guideline to assist you in establishing your transformational goals.  

Depending on your holistic goals, several options may be suitable. The holistic wellness program offers a combination of our services, which may include meditation, essential oils and holistic modalities to assist. Together we will work on implementing the agreed action plan for a long-term wellness strategy.

Holistic Mentoring: $150.00 per month 

Holistic Workshops

The Make & Take Workshop teaches the basics of essential oils and dried herbs. It’s the DIY workshop where you will not just learn the basics of essential oils and dried herbs, but how to handcraft your own products with essential oils and dried herbs. This make-and-take is a hands-on activity workshop where all attendees handcraft their all-natural products and are able to take them home to use. Handouts and all supplies/materials needed for the Make & Take are include in the workshop.

3-hours $50.00 per-person

Herbs & Tincture Workshop

The Herbs & Tincture program, teaches the basics of dried herbs, with a booklet that explains the benefits and history of each herb. Signing up for this program you will receive an herb starter kit (4 different types of dried herbs, solvent, 2 amber glass bottles with dropper, cheese methinkgs cloth, 2 mason jars) and a point of reference guide for mixing the herbs. You will have the option of a group setting or have the kit shipped directly to you. This program allows you to handcraft your very own herbal tincture to assist with everyday living.

Herb & Tincture Class: $120.00 per-person (4 hours)

1 Herbs & Tincture Starter Kit and Booklet $80.00

Essential Oils Workshop

The Essential Oil program teaches the basics of essential oils and how they can assist with overall wellness, in-home care and pet care. This program comes with an essential oil starter kit (5 essential oils, 3 amber glass bottles, 2 roll-on bottles and carries oil) and booklet as your guide of reference. This program can be done in the privacy of your own space or in a group setting with like-minded people. Sign up and learn the amazing ways how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday living.

​Essential Oils Class: $150.00 per-person (4 hours)

1 Essential Oil Starter Kit and Booklet $100.00 per-person


Our fun and exciting classes works great for individuals, groups, and/or organizations, and they offer an excellent opportunity to bring like-minded people together to learn, share, grow, and experience the meaning of holistic wellness.

Meditation Classes

The Meditation class teaches the basics of meditation and guides those who seek mental clarity through meditation. The method teaches a combination of breathing and concentration. This class can be done in groups or in a one on one setting to deepen the understanding and achieve relaxation for the mind, body and spirit.  This class course will meet twice a month for a total of two months.

 Meditation Classes: $120.00  per person (4 Classes)

Email us regarding group rating


Depending on your level of exploring, the Reflexology class has three different levels of classroom training with printed hand-outs.  Within the course of three months we will cover reflexology for the face, hands and feet.  It’s designed to teach the history, proper protocol, hand positions, self care and more.

Our classes are fun and exciting with lots of hands-on and interaction with like-minded people.  After the completion of each class, a basic completion is given.

Reflexology Classes:  $75.00 per level (3 levels)

Holistic Meetup Group

The Meetups cover a range of holistic topics from healthy eating to natural remedies. This Holistic Meetup Group will meet twice a month with an agenda and covered topics that will be discussed. This is the opportunity for like-minded people to come together, have fun, and share our thoughts and experiences.

Holistic Meetup $25.00 per person

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