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The Journey!

Journey - Faith - Passion - Responsibility 


Her Journey

In 2008, when a physician treated Yulander for a low white blood count level (the medical term is "mild-leukopenia"), The Oncologist explained to her that she had Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Her faith in God and inner-spirit would not allow her to receive the physician’s medical report.


The Faith

She took the focus off the physician’s report and would not allow it to discourage nor rob her of quality of life. So, she began her journey researching alternative therapies and the benefits of essential oils. She took it upon herself to get a second opinion and the physician was unable to pinpoint the reason for her white blood count being low; this led to a bone-marrow biopsy, which came back negative. Her faith lead her to a third physician, a man of faith just like herself. He explained to Yulander and her husband, Dexter, the signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. In his testing, it showed no signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis nor Lupus. He explained to them about changing eating habits to build up a healthy immune system which can assist with overall wellness.


               Her Passion         

In between the three physicians visits and other testing, Yulander was so immersed with changing her life for the better that she started attending holistic classes, researching information on healthier living the natural way. Yulander believes that this lead her into her true calling and passion of Holistic Wellness Advocate and Naturopathic Doctor.

The Responsibility

Yulander truly believe the benefits of the all-natural, holistic ways of bettering our health without the overuse of manufactured drugs.  However, she does understand and believe that physicians are here to help and assist us with their learned knowledge and experience. However, people also must take account of their body and health by getting yearly wellness exams and other necessary testing so that we can stay in the know of our own health and wellness.

The Holistic Wellness Advocate and Naturopathic Doctor

Yulander Taylor


Miracle, Signs & Wonders

In 2018 Yulander experienced similar to the same diagnosis, but this time, it lead to weekly visit to the Oncologist.  She was reminded of her healing in 2008 and stood even that much stronger in God and her faith.  Watch the inspirational video of what God did for her and her faith. 

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