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Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a nonsurgical body contouring to assist with stubborn body fat, toning and tightening skin.  reduction. There are a variety of nonsurgical fat reduction procedures. These procedures reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body. 

Everyone has a physique waiting to be revealed, and sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to reach their aesthetic goals.  The recommendation for the non-surgical body contouring treatment varies for each person and taking into consideration of BMI under 30, maintaining a healthy diet, steady weight with regular exercise routine after each session ad making sure to wear a form of body girdle for support.  

There are three steps with body contouring treatment

Ultrasonic Cavitation which uses low frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, transforming their contents into 

free fatty acids that are naturally disposed of by the lymphatic system. 

Radio Frequency Cavitation which is similar to laser lipo in that it takes the fat underneath the epidermis and 

breaks it up so that it can be eliminated naturally by your body.

Vacuum Cavitation which assist with slimming and reducing stubborn fat and shape body. It is safe and 

comfortable during the treatment process.  It can be used for a large treatment area, like belly, buttock, and thigh. 

Body Contouring Treatment may assist with:

Fine Lines        Wrinkles        Sagging skin        Arms         Stomach        Pouch 

Love Handles        Thighs        Legs        Back        Buttock        Excess weight 

Service Times & Service Fees

15 minutes of Ultrasonic Cavitation         15 minutes of Radio Frequency Cavitation and        10 minutes of  Vacuum Cavitation0 minutes 

(3 sessions) 45 minute sessions $250.00        (6 sessions) 45 minute sessions $450.00

*The recommendation to for individuals to come every 48 to 72 hours for session and at least is 6 to 8 sessions for best results.

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